Carbon fiber tripod leg - 8X multilayer weaving technique

Coman carbon fiber tripod legs are made of 100% pure carbon fiber materials. The legs are made by a newly development technology - Disposable hot coiled process, which makes the texture more elegant, the products lighter. Compared with today’s other brands of carbon fiber tripods, Coman’s disposable hot coiled process 8X tubes are 35% stronger in load pressure and 47% stronger laterally, and in total, 55% stronger than all current competitive brands.


Profile chart of carbon fiber tube

Magnesium alloy- Environmental protection metal materials

Magnesium alloy is now a popular special alloy material which is used in high-tech industrial field, it’s also widely praised of environmental protection material, the features of the material are: strong stability, good rigid, light weight, 30% lighter than aluminum, better vibration reduction than aluminum, it’s the preferred choice amongst environmental protection materials in high precision hardware processing industry.

Aluminum alloy Tripod leg---- Light Weight Process High Quality Aluminum Materials

Coman aluminum tripods are made from high quality aluminum materials which are imported from Japan, through our second cold pressure process, the wall thickness of the newly formed aluminium tubes is now 1.0mm and 0.8mm, compared with the former 1.5mm. The second process not only maintain the original strength and high rigid, but also reduce the weight by 30%. At the same time, the CNC anode oxidation process enhance the resistance corrosion of the feet, improve the life of the tripod.

Sectional drawing of aluminum tube

Comparison of the weight of the tube materials

Comparison of the strength and rigidity of the tripod common used materials  

Comparison of the damping characteristic of the tripod common used materials

Comparison of the heat resistance of the tripod common used materials